London Police and Firefighters are praising the courage and quick thinking of a 15 year old boy, after he saved a wheelchair-bound man from the Thames River.

The teen had to act fast, after noticing a man in distress along the edge of the Thames just after 4 o’clock Tuesday afternoon. The man rolled to the edge of the river near Harris Park to feed the birds, but soon realized the water was much deeper than expected.

The wheelchair slid, and he got stuck in waist-deep freezing cold water.

The teen ran from his house after noticing the man struggling. He crossed the Black Friars Bridge, and waded into the river to pull the wheelchair from the water. Police and Fire crews had received a 9-1-1 call about a man in distress in the river, but weren’t able to find them until just as the teen was pushing man in the wheelchair up to street level.

The man was taken home by Police after refusing any further medical treatment. Emergency crews say they highly commend the actions of the young teen, and suggested the teens bravery may have saved the mans life.

via AM980 News Talk Sports